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Basketball EM: Comments on the DBB team after the gala against Greece Basketball News

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Dreams come alive! German basketball star Giannis Antetokounmpo upset Greece’s NBA Finals favorite with a performance at the European Championships. Commentary of Sky Reporter Alexander Bonengel.

After the semi-final against Greece, basketball experts agree: Probably the best game of all time for the German national basketball team! Because Greece is not just an opponent on paper.

Both teams play at the absolute highest level. But Germany is better. The balance is impressive, the spirit of the team is impressive: everyone is important, everyone can score, everyone puts himself in the defense of the team. Although Dennis Schröder is the undisputed leader of the team, his role cannot be compared to Antetokounmpo with the Greeks, Jokic with the Serbs or Doncic with the Slovenian champions.

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The DBB team led by Dennis Schröder and Andreas Obst is on the way to becoming heroes after a terrible performance against Greece in the European Basketball Championship in Cologne.

The parallel to 1993 is unmistakable

Germany can not be expected! Perhaps that was the key to the first tournament victory since 1993. The parallel with that time is unfathomable: back then, players like Nürnberger, Welp, Harnisch and Gnad were among the great heroes. Schröder, Thiemann, Obst and Co. could follow in their footsteps soon. Even then it is EM in your own country, even then Germany is not one of the favorites and even then it is a great balance with a special team spirit without a prominent superstar. Germany hasn’t had that since Dirk Nowitzki ended his career.

This time, the strength is the sum of the parts: Dennis Schröder’s spirit, Andy Obst’s Threesomes, Theis’s athleticism, Lo’s rip-off, Franz Wagner’s versatility – and you have a favorite for the title.

The Germans need not fear the Spaniards after their strong performance against the top team. The great basketball nation, which is in the midst of turmoil, may tremble more in front of the Germans than vice versa.

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An emphatic victory over fellow favorites Greece was a clear point of praise for Germany’s basketball players. Maodo Lo talks about the key against Greece and the semi-final against Spain.

Two more wins until the summer fairy tale

Win twice, then it will be perfect, the German summer fairy tale of basketball! In a strong European competition that may never have happened before.

That would be a sensation and it would be highly desirable for this exciting sport and its protagonists if as many people as possible would notice.

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