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Burgos Race Director: Interruption 2 is Dekker’s fault

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The organization disclaims responsibility

David Dekker (Jumbo – Visma) | Photo: Cor Vos

04.08.2022 | (rsn) – After the mass accident in the final stage of the 2nd stage of the Vuelta a Burgos, caused by David Dekker (Jumbo – Visma) when he lost control of his bike in the “speedbumper”, the organizers of the race were in favor of the route was heavily criticized. Along with the Dutchman, a large part of the field went down, with many riders sustaining serious injuries.

In the opinion of the tournament organizers, Dekker himself is primarily responsible for the decline. Competition director Marcus Moral told L’Equipe newspaper: “It’s not a speed bump, but It is a zebra crossing, not exceeding 2.5 centimeters in height.” In addition, obstacles are “indicated by markings on the ground and by signals with flags”.

In addition, Moral continues, drivers are informed about the last three kilometers. “It is impossible to find a route without roundabouts or passes like this,” said the Spaniard, “that was David Dekker’s mistake. I think the last kilometer of stage 2 is correct. We accept our responsibility, but people should not demonize us.”

As Moral explained, Dekker has now realized his mistake and apologized. However, the race director then qualified his statement that the Dutchman was responsible for the bad accident. “I’m not saying it’s the driver’s fault. It’s everyone’s fault. But we cannot approach race control when obstacles are presented.”

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