Chelsea have four-day Erik Ten Hag deadline for new manager decision after Jose Mourinho example

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Chelsea have four-day Erik Ten Hag deadline for new manager decision after Jose Mourinho example

Chelsea’s reason for appointing Frank Lampard was to avoid making the same mistake twice. In September, already under the pressure that comes with sacking a hugely popular, Champions League-winning coach, Todd Boehly and his new ownership partners made the decision to part company with Thomas Tuchel and little has gone well since.

The immediate backlash was inevitable but that has only worsened as the season goes on. Graham Potter, the clear favourite for the job at the time, was appointed within 48 hours of Tuchel’s dismissal. He was one of just two men interviewed for the rolewith Mauricio Pochettino reportedly catching the drift during his hiring process that the call to go with Potter had near enough already been made.

Less than eight months later and Boehly-Clearlake are hiring again. There’s no shortage of options and takers, even for the proclaimed toughest job in football. But making the right call here is perhaps more important than ever.

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Getting the right man in the door won’t turn things round automatically for Chelsea but coaches can be transformative. Tuchel is a case in point for that. His impact was as immediate and impressive as any in the 19-year tenure under Roman Abramovich’s watchful gaze.

The risk here is that should Chelsea not get this choice right they are at serious risk of falling even further behind. There is so much unknown and uncertain at Stamford Bridge that another two-manager season could be the end of challenging for European places for a long time.

As far as shortcuts to success go, there is one that could help the club out here and it’s a process that has already been started. Instead of appointing a new coach right away, rushing from Potter to Bruno Saltor to manager X (or even Frank Lampard to manager X before the term ends) Chelsea have at least saved the new boss the humility of losing faith before he’s really started.

With the season coming to a close in just over six weeks time, there is no major rush to have someone appointed and announced, but soon after that, the real pressure begins to mount. Chelsea fans have suspected as far back as the World Cup that Potter wouldn’t be in charge come the opening day of the 2023/24 campaign.

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