England v Australia: women’s international football friendly – live | Women’s football

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England v Australia: women’s international football friendly – live | Women’s football

15.26 EDT

39 min: Arnold emerges from another corner with her hands on the ball. But Yallop is limping off after a clash with Kelly so the Aussies are a player short for the time being.

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15.24 EDT

37 min: Bronse has it on the right after a switched ball. We haven’t seen enough of that from England. But Bronze is squeezed by two players who have made this already narrow pitch even smaller on the edges.

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15.23 EDT

36 min: Russo is having a great game. She hasn’t stopped working and forces Carpenter into a mistake down the left.

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15.21 EDT

34 min: Stanway’s shot is blocked but that was a good move from England who respond straight away. Kelly’s cut back is inch perfect but the effort on goal is scuffed into the turf and allows the Australian defender to stick a leg out and divert it behind goal. The resulting corner comes to nothing as there’s an offside player after the second ball.

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15.19 EDT

GOAL! England 0-1 Australia (Kerr, 32)

Completely against the run of play and Australia have the lead. Just as England were starting to flex Kerr gets the first of the game after pouncing on a mistake from Williamson. It’s a long ball and the England defender is in a great position to deal with it but she lets the ball bounce and her header back to Earps is too short. Kerr is all over it and lifts it over the onrushing ‘keeper and ruffles the net with a killer finish.

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15.17 EDT

30 min: Kelly’s cross from the right off her left boot is delivered with pace but there’s no one on the end of it. Still, she might be a handful down there. She’s at it again, this time finding Russo who has to peddle back as she attempts to hook it back towards goal on the volley. She doesn’t catch it clean and it’s out for a goal kick. Get the ball to Kelly!

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15.15 EDT

28 min: It’s a good looking ball from Stanway. Fizzed more than looped. But Arnold once again comes off her line with authority and punches it away.

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15.14 EDT

27 min: Excellent from Russo but she’s once again forced to come deep to get the ball. England are a player down but you’d never say so. They’re fizzing it across the soggy turf with great fluency. Williamson steps up from her line and launches a ball for Russo and she’s tripped in the right corner. James comes on to make it 11 v 11 again and England will have a free kick from a handy spot on the right.

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15.12 EDT

26 min: Hemp has left the field and will be replaced by James. That’s a shame. She was just starting to have an influence on the game.

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15.11 EDT

24 min: Williamson finds Hemp again. That combo is starting to click. But Hemp, who copped a nasty blow against Brazil, is receiving attention from the medical team.

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15.10 EDT

23 min: Corner for England on the right. Hemp with the black face mask plays it short and gets it back. Stanway has it on the edge of the area and scoops a strange looking cross straight into the mixer. Arnold gathers with authority.

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15.09 EDT

22 min: A clever ball from Williamson frees Hemp down the right who turns on the after burners but runs out of room. So she turns back in field as she reaches the byline and the move fizzles out as Australia’s defensive line can reset.

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15.07 EDT

20 min: Australia counter at speed and Kerr has a chance to shoot in the box. Instead she looks to play a drag back to the top of the box but England close it down. Game opening up now.

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15.06 EDT

19 min: Oh wow. Immense strength from Stanway who shoves aside a would-be tackler after collecting a long ball from Williamson. It’;s direct, but it’s effective. The low cross into the box is dealt with but that was a blueprint on how England might work the opening.

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15.04 EDT

17 min: Interesting to hear Emma Hayes talk about Australia’s shape and their quest to find one that works for them. Gorry and Cooney-Cross in the middle of the park are controlling things.

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15.02 EDT

15 min: It’s a short corner. A clever that finds its way to Walsh on the edge of the area on the left. She dinks a cross to the back post but Arnold is composed and gathers. She in turn launches a counter but the ref blows her whistle as there’s an England player down in the box. Shame. Yallop and Kerr were coiling for something tasty there.

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15.00 EDT

14 min: Carpenter is forced to kick it out for a corner after Russo and Kelly combine down the left.

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14.59 EDT

13 min: Australia certainly the more composed side. England a little sketchy on the ball. Until Hemp wriggles through a half gap on the right and plays a ball across the box. Wonderful little run. Hemp is at it again down the right but this time her cross from deep is gathered by Arnold.

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14.57 EDT

11 min: England are let off the hook. It’s a mistake from Walsh who plays a loose ball across goal and Raso picks it up and charges into the box. She delays just enough to allow the England defence to settle. There isn’t a pass on so the Aussie forward shoots but it’s blocked by Williamson.

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14.55 EDT

10 min: Carpenter can’t find Raso but it’s lovely build up from Gorry in midfield. They’re pressing with aggression as well without the ball. England slow things down at the back.

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14.54 EDT

8 min: Kerr strays offside but what a move from Raso. Gathers on the half turn and fires off a delicious pass that bisected the England line. This is a very bright start from Australia.

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14.53 EDT

7 min: Russo’s ball against the grain can’t find Kelly’s late surge into the box. But that was promising with Russo finding space between the lines.

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14.52 EDT

6 min: The plan is clear from Australia. Fowler snatches a loose ball and immediately looks to launch it long for Kerr. It’s a sloppy attempt and Morgan mops up. Not sure Australia need to be so direct.

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14.50 EDT

5 min: Excellent control from Kerr who brings down a long ball. She goes backwards and Cooney-Cross gathers on the charge. She’s had a bright start. Gorry involved as well. That midfield combination looks promising.

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14.49 EDT

4 min: Walsh ducks inside and makes space for Carter on the outside. It’s a neat move that ends with a cross to Russo but her stabbed effort is tame. Though it’s on target and Arnold has to get low to save it.

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14.48 EDT

3 min: England burst through the middle but Cooney-Cross sticks in a smart challenge and wins the ball back. Walsh has it back and recycles it to Morgan who builds again.

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14.47 EDT

2 min: Australia with most of the ball early on. They’re playing a 4-2-3-1 against England’s 4-3-3.

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14.45 EDT

England in a gorgeous light blue. Australia in trademark gold and green. The opening whistle sounds, the players take the knee against discrimination and away we go!

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14.44 EDT

Three of the England players and three of the Australian players are playing without their names on their backs. That’s in honour of those affected by alzheimer’s and dementia and their loved ones. Just a reminder that this game is providing support for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Photograph: Adam Davy/PA

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14.42 EDT

Maybe I’m being fooled by the stadium lights but it seems to be bucketing down in Brentford. They’re elite players, but if it is raining as much as I think it is, that’ll be a factor. Just something to keep an eye on.

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14.38 EDT

Right then. The teams are filing out of the tunnel. Seb Hutchinson is taking the lead on ITV’s comms. He’s got Emma Hayes for company. Great combo.

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14.31 EDT

Some good scenes between the two managers just shown on ITV. It is a friendly after all. Let’s see if that bonhomie continues once the opening whistle sounds.

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14.26 EDT

I’ve long been a collector of sports gear (the shirt worn by the 1996 African Cup of Nations winning South Africans is maybe my most prized possession) and I’m fairly certain I’ll be adding the blue number worn by England tonight to my horde.

The contrasting tones. The zig-zagging pattern. The way the material shimmers. It’s a stunner.

But sports kit is more than just clothes to wear on the pitch, especially for women who must contend with so much more than their mail counterparts.

In this engaging piece, Catherine Spencera former captain of the Red Roses, offers some food for thought on the matter:

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14.16 EDT

Is it imperative that a sports event leaves behind a legacy? It’s a question worth asking after recent research has shown that England’s Euro 2022 victory failed to impact on girls living in cities across the UK.

This important piece by Suzy Wrack shows that 63% of inner-city girls are unable to name a single Lioness.

If the team is failing to penetrate the psyche of the next generation even when they’re winning, then something clearly isn’t working.

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13.58 EDT

Captain Kerr leads Matildas in need of a lift

Football is a team game but it’ll be hard to take your eyes off the Australian captain and Chelsea legend, Sam Kerr. If her and her teammates are to upset the odds and end England’s 31 game unbeaten run, she’ll need to produce a ripper of a performance.

Australia: Arnold, Polkinghorne, Fowler, Yallop, Raso, Gorry, Kerr (c), Carpenter, Grant, Cooney-Cross, Hunt

Replacements: Williams, Nevin, Luik, Vine, Micah, Crummer, Siemsen, Wheeler, Chidiac, Whyman, Sayer, McNamara

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13.53 EDT

England release team with just eight players

Notice anything different about this team sheet? It’s not just that England are introducing their new – and can I say, brilliant – blue kit for this game.

It’s that only eight players have been named on social media. Don’t worry, Sarina Wiegman isn’t disrespecting her opponents. There’ll be a full compliment on the field later. It’s that England, like Australia, are honouring those who suffer from alzheimers and dementia as well as their family members.

England: Earps, Bronze, Carter, Walsh, Williamson (c), Morgan, Kelly, Stanway, Russo, Toone, Hemp

Replacements: Le Tissier, Roebuck, Wubben-Moy, Charles, Nobbs, James, Coombs, Daly, Park, Hampton, Robinson, Parker.

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13.45 EDT


Hello and welcome to the live blog of this so-called ‘friendly’ between the European champions and the hosts of this year’s World Cup. Don’t believe the branding. Oh sure, at first glance this one doesn’t count for much beyond bragging rights and the chance for both teams to tinker with a couple of moving parts before the big event this summer, but look a little deeper and there’s plenty at stake in west London tonight.

England are riding high after their Final triumph on Thursday which extended their unbeaten run under Sarina Wiegman to 31 games.

As for the Matildas, they’re needing a lift following a 1-0 reverse to Scotland on Friday. That defeat saw Tony Gustavsson’s side waste a boatload of chances which doesn’t bode well for their prospects tonight, or indeed a home World Cup that kicks off in exactly 100 days.

Beyond xG and corner counts is something far more important. Tonight’s game is raising money for the Alzheimer’s Society as it seeks to “devastation caused by dementia, with dedicated support and life-changing treatments”. So whatever the result, this one should be special.

My name is Dan. I’m chuffed to be here. If you fancy getting in touch with anything humorous, insightful, provoking or meaningful – or just want to say hi – then please do so.

Kick off at 7:45 BST. Teams and other bits to follow shortly.

Updated at 13.44 EDT

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