Manchester City lift Premier League trophy after win over Chelsea – as it happened | Premier League

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Manchester City lift Premier League trophy after win over Chelsea – as it happened | Premier League

13.57 EDT

De Bruyne tells Sky how hard it is to keep going, mentally as much as physically, and also notes how many others sacrifice for them. “This is my home,” he says of City, thanking the fans for their support, and Geoff Shreeves is desperate to force him into hyperbole but he’s having no such thing.

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“Surreal,” says Stones, who never thought he’d win five titles; who knows how many he’ll finish with. Asked if he’s in the form of his life, he says he doesn’t like to talk about himself, but when he was out of the team, he was always trying to find consistency and now thinks he has. On his new position, he says a natural and experienced centre-mid knows what’s behind them but he’s learning that, is enjoying it. And he’s got a new appreciation of playing centre-back and when to pass a midfielder the ball – Guardiola has taught him a lot about body-shape, simplifying what’s required. The aim now is to win the other two pots.

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“Unreal,” is Haaland’s summation. “Listen to this song and enjoy,” he says as the crowd serenade him and he lopes off to milk the adulation. He returns, though, saying he’ll remember this for the rest of his life, noting that things could’ve gone better, but 36 goals isn’t a bad start.

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Grealish feels more a part of it, “back to my normal self.” He enjoyed it last term because it was his first but this time he’s given it his best and he feels so much fitter and more confident now. He’s showing why City bought him but still has lots more to give, he reckons.

He can’t put his finger on what changed, but since the international break they’ve taken it up a level and reckons the month of April is the best any City side has ever produced. Asked about his relationship with Haaland, he says they live in the same building so come to training together a fair bit, and their friendship off the pitch manifests on it. Ah, and here is Haaland; “I fucking love you!” Grealish tells him and of course Sky apologise; feel free to form your own lists of things they think are fine.

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“If you ever drank in the Con in 90s Camden,” returns John, “I probably served you. I had no problem serving (drinks) to pupils in uniform from Camden School for Girls. No chauvinism in our pub.”

Ha! We tended to go to Quinns – three Aventinus then back to school was a challenge, I can tell you.

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“I’m Camden Town born and bred, says David Johnson. “Everything south of the water is Surrey, Hampshire or, what’s that other one? Sussex? They only attach London to the description to push up house prices. It’s like when estate agents call Archway ‘South Highgate’ or Acton ‘West Kensington’.”

I went to school in Camden, and in the 90s it felt like the absolute epicentre of London. Where else could you get a lunchtime pint, in school uniform (me, not the pint).

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In the studio, they’re talking about where City rank among the best sides we’ve ever seen. Given any conversation of that sort has to start with who won what, I’d say they’re up there in terms of the league, a treble and they’re up there with the best english sides overall. That said, until very recently, I’d always thought these were less good than the Silva/Aguero/Kompany side, but I’d rank both miles above Arsenal 04, who I also think were less good than Mourinho’s Chelsea.

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Is there any way whatsoever that this time next season, City aren’t celebrating four in a row? What’s unusual about them is that they’re still improving – the other teams to do three straight, Man United 99-01 and 07-09, were on the way down at this point. They still got close, but the challengers were likely better than those City will face next term, so it’s pretty hard to see a different outcome.

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13.15 EDT

“Since when have Arsenal and Spurs defined the geography of London!” wonders Richard Hirst. “South London rules; remember, Balham is the gateway to the South.”

I’m just saying it seems strange if Arsenal v AFC Wimbledon is a derby but Arsenal v Watford is not.

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13.05 EDT

“I imagine how United and Inter beat City would be very much getting a stomp on from the get go,” reckons Bill Preston. “Nick a lead, then thrilling defensive heroics. Three points make a triangle and everything comes from there.”

Thing is, City just start games so well – Madrid weren’t allowed so much as a breath in the first 20 minutes.

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13.04 EDT

Walker also praises the quality, camaraderie and mentality in the squad, while Phillips is hoping to play in the remaining games but if not he’s there to “support the lads” and is “praying to God” that Leeds stay up.

Back to Phillips, he says that City can win the Champions League theuy’ll be cemented as one of the greatest temas ever, and he’s right.

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13.02 EDT

Walker says the “lads did tremendous today”, praising their ability to stay focus. In particular, he’s happy with how Phillips did, and Phillips is happy to have won the league and to have played. Confidence-wise, he’s had the lowest moments of his career this season, and leaders like Walker have kept him going.

Walker then says that Phillips is “a gem, one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met in football”, and that it’s hard playing for “the manager” so a bit of time to settle is to be expected. He then references the win over Liverpool just after the World Cup as when he thought they could win the title again, they beat Leeds in the next game, and now they want to win the lot.

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80 min “I’m not a Chelsea supporter,” brags Alexandra Ashton, “but from what I’ve seen of Fernandez during the World Cup and in these recent months, he seems like a skilled young player with potential, not a generational talent with the world at his fingertips. Benfica signed him for €10M from River and I think his value, although having increased, is most certainly not close to €120M. €50M would be my value as of after the World Cup, maybe 60. Maybe in five years Chelsea will have won the league three times with him as a central figure and we’ll be saying he was worth the price, but I doubt it.”

What I like about him is that he’s good at defeating the press with a good range of passing, but as you say, for the money you’d expect more.

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12.38 EDT

76 min “Ah come on now,” says Pedro Da Feu. “While I spent a large portion of my life very annoyed at my commute having to get a train from central London to Croydon for work every day, and passing their stadium, I can at least acknowledge that Crystal Palace is a London club, while Watford definitely is not.”

I was messing, but Watford is a lot nearer Arsenal and Spurs than Palace and Charlton are.

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